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Three-dimensional Approach to Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite TreatmentCellulite is a problem that affects most women and the outside appearance of the skin leads to unpleasant self-confidence problems.

Tips for treating cellulite recommend the different methods of quitting drinking liquid fats and sweets. But now experts recommend for the first time, a three-dimensional vision of treating cellulite.

How Does Cellulite Appear?

Under the skin, fat is grouped in bags, separated each other by walls perpendicular fibers that bind the skin, the deeper layers of muscle and fat package. Thus, any changes in volume of these packages of fat produces and promotes skin traction outlining, creating the appearance of orange peel.

Treatment involves a complete three-dimensional remodeling areas with cellulite. Treatment is effective because it addresses all skin defects: flaccid skin, fibrous walls and increase the volume of adipocytes.

Dimensional treatment includes:

- Removing the fibrous walls with a small under-incision;
- Reshaping fat Shock Wave
- Reduction of skin laxity with radio-frequency.

The program includes several sessions — both surgical and laser procedures.

An Alma Accent RF device reduces the appearance of loose skin where cellulite is visible on. Cutaneous tissue shrinks as a true natural corset reducing cellulite effect. It takes a full 10 days, and the results can be observed after at least 3 treatments.

Shock Wave Treatment reshaping fat volume and consists of 2-3 sessions per week, completely painless.

Surgical correction addresses the limited areas where cellulite can “liposhifting” (smoothing package without extracting fat) or sub-incision operation, which are sectioned under the skin that produce the fibrous bundles of orange peel with a needle.

The surgical procedure requires local anesthesia and the patient will go home after several hours wearing a corset designed to help a beautiful healing. The procedure is especially the gluteal area and requires a healing period of several weeks.


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