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My Husband's Latest Fear Of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction Can Be A Serious Problem
The other day my husband and I were talking about how much stress plays havoc with our lives lately and that got us searching for all the illnesses we can think about related to stress. And, of course, you get your "usual suspects" everyone is aware of like various types of cancers - but the one disease that kept on coming up in our searches was erectile dysfunction!

I honestly never considered how many men are actually affected by this - and also how many guys are actually afraid of having the symptoms right now - my husband included! I guess there is so much secrecy and stigma related to this particular issue that men feel that they cannot think or discuss the possibility of this happening to them. My husband did not ever have to deal with any of the symptoms, but just talking about it - I could see him cringe! :-)

It is estimated that over 32 million males worldwide have experienced some kind of erectile dysfunction symptoms. Only about half of them really get it detected however. And a large number of others remain embarrassed by exactly what has actually occurred so they try to hide it. They don't wish to discuss any of this with their sexual partners or with their physicians.

There are particular medical issues that can result in a guy suffering from erectile dysfunction. The most typical one is diabetes. Data shows that 50% of men with diabetes end up with some form of sexual dysfunction. By taking the time to get your diabetes under control, that risk can be considerably reduced.

Cigarette smoking is also a substantial aspect that can affect erectile dysfunction. Various studies show men that smoke one pack each day have two times the likelihood of erectile dysfunction signs occurring. If they smoke even more than that - the probability of onset of erectile dysfunction symptoms goes up to 300%. For older guys that smoke, the danger of erectile dysfunction goes up exponentially with each year.

During last few years, more guys are inclined to discuss their problems with erectile dysfunction, but mostly when involved in studies where they do not have to be identified. In those studies as much as 56% of the men in the study confessed to some level of problem. Nevertheless, the seriousness of the illness could not be determined from those reports alone. It is however quite obvious that the problem needs closer attention and publicity.

Of all the different treatments out there for erectile dysfunction, the one men are the most inclined to use is using prescription medications. Close to 89% of men stated they would try this treatment first and see if this would cure their erectile dysfunction. This is in spite of the widely published adverse effects, allergies, and possible health threats. It is clear how important this is for men and why this isn't something most men are ready to give up without a battle.

Every year more than 600,000 men are seen by physicians due to problems with erectile dysfunction. This is a pretty clear indication that this illness is more prevalent now than ever before. The truth of it however is that with all of the educational info out there the subject isn't really taboo any more. Guys are looking for help for their erectile dysfunction at a higher rate than ever previously. They now understand that there are feasible solutions readily available and that they can easily find the ed protocol that works the best for them.

As more men begin to understand the significance of quality medical care for their erectile dysfunction, the research data will certainly be more trusted. We will certainly have the ability to properly determine how big of a problem this really is in society today. At the same time though, we will have to be careful and see how reliable the numerous kinds of treatments for erectile dysfunction are. The great news is that more than 90% of guys with erectile dysfunction can take advantage of the different treatment techniques provided.


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